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Why We are a Unique Dental Clinic in Coimbatore

We are here to provide proficient, kind hearted and understandable services from our dental experts. We would be the right choices people looking for excellent dental care
in Sugam, Race Cource, Coimbatore
our focus is purely on you and to make you have good healthy smile forevrer.



Patient can get consultation & direct solutions from our specialist.



Our Crown Dental Care always follows the class B sterilization rules.



Running the clinic with the affordable dental care gives a happy vibration.


Smile Makeover

You get the superiority service, leaving with a dazzling, fresh and healthy smile.

Our Dental Clinic Specialties in Coimbatore


Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a method that points to when the fleshy tissue of the teeth becomes infected or tooth becomes ‘dead’ and discolors. This is due to various cause like widespread decay, trauma or as a long-term consequence of considerable restorations, & might be a silent process.

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Cosmetic and Esthetic Treatments

This treatment changes the appearance of a person's teeth, gums and/or bite. It is mainly focused on improving dental in color, teeth order, shape, tooth size, alignment and overall smile appearance. Whitening or tooth bleaching is the most common cosmetic dental procedure.

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Crowns and Bridges Treatment

If the tooth is easily broken, a crown is necessary to ensure it will still be able to function for a long time. A conventional crown is prepared from porcelain that is tied to a precious metal structure. This is still one among the best solution a dentist can offer on a back tooth.

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Gum Treatment

Gum disease is demonstrated as swelling, soreness or infection of the tissues supporting the teeth. This shows symptoms like blood on your tooth brush when you brush your teeth. And your gums may also bleed when you are eating, leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

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Orthodontic (Clip) Treatment

Orthodontics is a specialized procedure of dentistry that deals with the correction of unpleasant bites. The patient might find it complicated to swallow and chew. This orthodontic treatments are provided as per with the international values and with high quality equipments.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant is made of titanium, used in dentistry to support restorations that looks like a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth. All dental implants are placed as root-form end osseous implants; they are similar to a real tooth root and are positioned within the bone.

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Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric dentistry is an area of field that mainly focuses on the treatment of a child from birth to adolescence with an attention on growth, development, and right behavioral guidance for both healthy and special needs children.

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Dentures Dental

Restore the lost or missing teeth is vital, both for your health and your look and appearance. Partial or full dentures changes your teeth and provide support to your cheeks and lips, so you can enjoy a healthy diet, look great and smile with confidence.

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Our Dental Clinic Facilities - Coimbatore


Patient Care Comfort

At Crown Dental Care, other than cleanliness and personal wellness, you will immediately sense a cold warm and amazing atmosphere.


Technology for Sterilization

We always follow a stringent Four- tier sterilization process for our instruments. Used needles, syringes, glasses, etc. are all throw away after used once.

dental units

Dental Chairs and Units

We use reliable dental care equipment with high quality & standards in class dental chairs, delivery systems, dental lights, consultant stools, more.

intra oral camera

Intra Oral Camera

We have the advanced Wireless Intra oral Camera provides you with UBS signal yield.


  • Took my mom for treatment and she was treated with extreme professionalism, she felt no pain during treatment Great work Dr.Deepak.... Clinic was very neat and clean would recommend Crown Dental to my family and friends...
    siva rajendran
  • Very experienced doctors... was able to give a a quick remedy and great service...would recommend them... for everyone...
    Mahendra Vellingiri
  • I had to remove an impacted wisdom tooth which was causing a lot of pain, the doctors from Crown Dental removed this tooth painlessly and with a lot of patience.
    Daniel Prince
  • Dr Deepak and Dr Abilashini are by far very dedicated professionals. I went there for tooth scaling and filling. Did a root canal for my Mom too. Very satisfied. Aesthetic clinic, state of the art infrastructure adds up to the merit of Crown Dental. Highly recommend for any dental related problems.
    Vishnupriyan Kanappan

About Crown Dental Clinic in Race Course

Dental Clinic in Sungam

Crown Dental care Clinic in Race Course has the state of art of technology which is unique of its brand with international standards and high quality affordable to all. The clinic is has designed with new interiors with pleasant atmosphere and faculty who are graduated and experienced in different specialty of dentistry.

Dental Clinic in Coimbatore

The clinic deals with the recent technology and newer inventions as per requirements of different patients need. Our dental clinic in coimbatore can offers an extensive range of dental services. We can typically provide all dental service with utmost care and serve patients happily equipped with quality.

Dental Clinic in Ramanathapuram, Dental Clinic in Ondipudur

We are using a stringent Four- tier sterilization process for our instruments. Used needles, syringes, glasses, etc. are all thrown away after being used once. Our Dental Clinic is well equipped with the state of dental chairs and units like consultant stools, dental lights, Intra oral camera, etc

Dentist in Coimbatore

To be known for pioneering dental care, commitment to enriching diversity, discovery, transfer of scientific knowledge, the superior skills of doctors and the highest degree of patient care and service. We will rely on proven diagnostic technology, dedicated treatment protocols and high-quality dental units.

Dentist in Ramanathapuram, Dental Clinic in Singanallur

We want to be appreciated as The Best Dental Care Clinic in Coimbatore which providing absolute dental care and service to our patients. Also we aimed to provide both general dental and multi specialty dental services under one roof in a professional and comfortable environment.